At Final Detail our Premium Pre-Sale package is designed to maximise the impact of your vehicle to a potential buyer



* Deep shampoo Extraction and/or Leather Clean (if applicable) $59 ($79 for 7 Seater)

* 1 Step machine Polish to entire car or Full Paint correction available 

* Larger Vehicles, Stain Removal, Sand or Grass Removal, Full Rooflining Cleaning, Red Dust Removal, or otherwise excessively dirty interiors will incur additional charges.

* See our Extras Available here

Pre-Sale Detail Package - Full Detailing inside and out + Engine & Trim

* High pressure rinse and soft foam bath
* Bug and Tar removal

* Paintwork Decontaminated and Clay Barred

* Door jams cleaned and dried
* Wheel faces and arches degreased and cleaned
* 2 Bucket wash with PH Neutral Shampoo and microfibre wash mitts
* Dried with warm air and microfibre waffle weave cloth
* Spray Sealant (Spray Polish) applied to paintwork (3 month protection and

   amazing shine)
* Tyres Dressed with satin finish tyre shine

* Up to 15 Minutes Spot Polishing to remove slight scratches around handles,etc

* Exterior Black Trim Dressed with satin finish non greasy long lasting protectant

* Engine Bay Cosmetic Detail


Average Price Range $239 - $349 

Our aim with the Pre-Sale Detail is to make your car as attractive as possible to a potential buyer while still being affordable to allow you to maximise your profits when selling.
This package results in amazing value for money.

Pre-Sale Detailing Packages


* Interior Blown out with compressed air to remove minor grass, sand and dirt
* Full Vacuum including boot, under seats and centre consoles/gloveboxes
* All Controls, consoles/cupholders, door trims, and very dirty areas cleaned
* Dash and all interior plastics/vinyl protected with satin finish UV Protectant
* Seats, carpets and floor mats Steam Cleaned or Lightly shampooed
* Windows and mirrors cleaned inside and out
* Premium Air Freshener

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