A custom detailing service designed specifically for motorcycles. 

Anything from a quick clean up to scratch removal, chrome/metal polishing,  leather conditioning and paint protection.

We use a combination of traditional washing techniques and new processes such as steam cleaning to get into nearly all of those hard to reach areas and remove any road grime.


​​​Regular Maintenance package

From $79

A good clean up of your bike where we remove road grime, bugs and tar then apply a spray wax over any paint or chrome to make it look amazing again.

​Restoration Detail

​From $249

We start with full wash and chemical decontamination of the bike followed up by a full clay bar to make sure we are starting with a fresh surface ready for paint correction.

After we dry the bike with a combination of soft micro fibre towels and warm air to blow out and remove as much water as possible we carefully polish the paintwork with a variety of pads and polishes in order to remove light to medium defects, swirl marks and scratches.

A bonding agent and polymer sealant is them applied to protect the paint for the next 6-12 months.

Spray Coatings are now also available that leave an unbeatable shine and protection.

Optional: Aluminium, Metal and/or Chrome polishing is available, $15 per 15 Minutes blocks 

Motorcycle Detailing Packages

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