Average Price Range $179 - $279

​​​​Recommended for vehicles in fair to good condition with minimal swirl marks, oxidation and scratches.

If you have a black car we can perform this package, however we recommend our Paint Correction package.

Our Stage 3 Exterior Detailing package starts with our Stage 2 Exterior Package and adds in a one stage Machine Polish with Menzerna polishes to remove light surface scratches, light swirl marks and holograms as well as light paint oxidation.

It also includes a long lasting polymer sealant for paint protection and amazing shine.

​Optional: 3 month Show car wax can be applied on top.

​​Average Price Range $119 - $179

​​​Recommended for vehicles in good condition with minimal swirl marks and scratches.

Following on from the Stage 1 Exterior Detail, the vehicles paint also receives a Clay Bar and Tar Removal to remove any contaminants on the paints surface and make it silky smooth,  and a Spray Sealant or Show car Wax that lasts up to 3 months and leaves an amazing shine with awesome water beading properties.


Stage 1 Exterior Detail Package - Real Wash and Wax

Average Price Range $69 - $119


This Detail starts with a high pressure rinse followed by a soft foam bath to soften and lift the dirt on the paints surface. It is left to soak for several minutes and then rinsed off with high pressure, at this point any bugs are removed.

We then hand wash the vehicle using a gentle PH Neutral shampoo and soft microfibre wash mitts to prevent adding scratches to the paintwork. The wheels and arches are cleaned using dedicated soft wheel brushes and wash mitts, then the entire vehicle is protected with either a High Quality Spray Sealant or 3 month Show car Wax and topped with a Wet Look Spray Wax that leaves an outstanding new car shine. 


The outside windows are cleaned and buffed and the tyres are dressed to leave a satin gloss finish.

Exterior Detailing Packages

Final Detail offer Exterior Detailing Packages that are perfect to freshen up the outside of your car, or to restore it as close as possible to its original showroom condition, or better.


Stage 3 Exterior Detail Package - 1 Step Machine Polishing & Paint Protection

Stage 2 Exterior Detail Package - Clean, Clay and Protect

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