We also offer clear plastic restoration and polishing, such as taillights and indicators, some of which can be very expensive to replace if on an older or classic car such as 80's BMW and Mercedes-Benz.
The Headlight Restoration Process 
Headlights are sanded and polished in multiple stages using various machines, compounds, polishes and pads to restore them to a factory new finish.
​​​​​Have you noticed that your headlights are dull, hazy or yellowed?

Did you know that this could also make your car unroadworthy leaving you open to receiving a fine?

We can come to you and quickly restore your headlights to remove these unsightly imperfections, while at the same time increasing night time visibility and also eliminating the chance of receiving a defect notice and fine due to having unroadworthy headlights.​​​​​​

Headlight Restoration

​Step 1:
After a good clean we first tape up of the surrounding bodywork in order to protect  it.
The headlights are then wet sanded to remove the worst of the damaged plastic including deep scratches and crazing of the lens.​
​Starting with a relatively course grit, we proceed with finer and finer paper until the headlight lens has an even hazy finish. ​

Step 2:

Next we use a cutting pad and cutting compound on a machine polisher to remove the sanding scratches from the previous step. This sometimes takes 3 separate passes to get a clear result.

Step 3:

By now the lens looks pretty good, but there are still some remaining light scratches and swirl marks from the cutting phase. We now use a medium firm foam polishing pad on a random orbital polishing machine to remove these marks.

Step 4:

​We could leave it as it is now, but in order to finish the lens off properly we will use a soft foam pad and a finishing polish to remove all remaining marks from the last step and "jewel" the lens, effectively polishing it to a very high standard. 


Step 5:

Now that the lens is restored we need to protect it in order to stop it from quickly degrading again in the near future.

​We apply a Gyeon Nano Coating to help protect them from UV light and keep their new appearance for up to 12 months+

$99 a Pair or $59 Each
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