Additional Extras available 

​From $59

* Polymer Sealant applied, (6 month Protection) * Paint overspray removal ​(30 minutes) * Engine Bay Cosmetic Detail (degreased , cleaned and dressed)

* 2 Part Leather Deep Cleaning and Conditioning (2 Seats) * Metal polishing - Chrome, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, etc (30 minutes by machine and hand) 

* Deep Shampooing of seats & Deep Shampooing of Carpet

​​​​From $29

​*  Sand, Grass or Pet Hair Removal * Excessively Dirty Interior or Exterior * Spray Sealant Applied (3 Month Paint Protection)  

* Chemical Decontamination (Iron Removal from paint) * Paintwork Clay Barred  (Industrial or environmental fallout removed) 

* Spot Polishing (15 minutes, by hand and/or machine to remove minor scratches and scuff marks on paintwork - Not Paint Correction)

* Clear plastic and Perspex polishing - (15 minutes - Motorcycle windscreens, visors, dash clusters, taillights, indicators, etc) * Window Tint Removal

From $99

* Bonding Agent and Polymer Sealant Applied, 12 month Protection 

* Headlight Restoration and Polishing/ Pair

​* Gyeon Can Coat Application (Paint Coating)

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